Jewellery care


Our Vermeil pieces are made out of silver and plated with five microns of 22k yellow gold. It is a long lasting plating, however it will last even longer if you take good care of it. Store them in a dry place, after giving them a light polish with a soft cotton cloth. 

Avoid using when exercising and washing to reduce any risk of premature damage of the plating. Perfume and creams are also not a friend of Vermeil, allow around 15 minutes after applying perfume / body lotions before wearing the pieces. In case you need to clean them, do so with a soft cotton cloth. 

If you have been enjoying your pieces over a long period of time, the natural wear and tear might have affected your pieces and they may have lost some of their gold platings. We offer a replating and repolishing service, feel free to contact me and my team for any assistance.


The best way to prevent your pieces from tarnishing is to wear them as often as possible, as the oil in your skin will prevent it. To clean your piece you can use a soft cotton cloth to gently polish it.

18k gold

To clean your gold jewellery, put it in warm water with a mild soap. Let it sit for two to three hours and then carefully polish it with a soft cloth. To finish the cleaning process, rinse it with water and gently dry it using a soft cotton cloth. If you need to store your piece, do so in a dry place.


They are sensitive and need careful treatment. They react badly to harsh chemicals that can be found in things like perfumes, hairspray, or other cosmetics and liquids. To avoid contact, put the jewellery on after applying your hair and makeup. Do not swim or wash whilst wearing the pearls. If the pearls need to be cleaned only use a very soft moist cloth without any chemicals.


To clean these gemstones, use a solution made from lukewarm water and mild liquid soap. Do not use a jewellery cleaning solution to clean them; many contain chemicals that might damage them. Use a soft cloth for the cleaning process and gently wipe your stone until it is clean. Do not scrub, as it can scratch the surface.

If you have any questions or need help taking care of your pieces, please contact us.