Objets du quotidien

Having previously trained and worked in furniture and ceramic design, I followed my passion for craft and design, gradually seeking out more knowledge of these disciplines and eventually transitioning to fashion and fine jewellery design.

After a decade of bringing brands’ ideas to fruition, I wanted to produce my own creations. I loved the idea of observing people’s natural gestures in order to create jewellery that would match and enhance their habitual movements. As people around me started wearing my pieces, I discovered the pleasure of seeing my work begin to occupy a place in people’s daily life. I decided to design a collection of fine jewellery and objects for the everyday.

It was during the isolation of the first lockdown, and the time for self-reflection that it provided, that this new trajectory developed and I began to really search for a balance between the everyday and the exceptional – between comfort and sculpture. To achieve this, I draw on my love of nature and reflect on personal experience with both jewellery and objects.

I shape the precious metals and either leave them in their most natural form or set them with gemstones. These ideas take form thanks to a network of craftspeople in Paris and London, whose skills I value enormously. The pieces are made from recycled gold, silver, and sustainably sourced or reclaimed stones. For more information regarding the values and sustainable practices of the collection, please continue reading on this page.